NGA Innovation Network

In collaboration with LEO, National Graphene Association presents:
The "NGA Innovation Network"

The challenge for innovation providers is to cut through the noise and get their innovation seen in a crowded marketplace. The biggest challenge is not developing the innovation itself – it’s getting it seen by those who matter.

The challenge for innovation seekers is to constantly identify and connect to the most relevant innovations as efficiently as possible.

The “NGA Innovation Network” by LEO solves both problems.

It delivers the world’s only Global Innovation Marketplace for graphene, enabling international  graphene innovation providers and graphene innovation seekers to proactively connect with each other online, start conversations and build communities.

The NGA Inovation Network is where innovators, fast-growth start-ups, SME’s, universities and other organizations can submit and promote their graphene innovative solutions to a global audience for free.

Companies and corporate clients can sign up to source the latest innovations in graphene and view detailed description and contact information for the solutions.