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The 2018 Global Graphene Expo brought together a variety of companies with products available in the market. The National Graphene Association was honored to have, among those, exhibitor, Pacific Industrial Consultants (PIC) represented by Albert Hung.

PIC is a certified US-based Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) developing thermal management solutions based on the properties of their in-house developed and produced graphene oxide and CNT coatings. Having dedicated over 10 years of R&D to refining their GO production and functionalization processes, they understood that the full potential of nano-carbon technology in a sustainable, scalable and practical way required methodologies that didn’t exist in the industry, so they developed their own.

The results produced their thermal management coatings, WarmIR and CoolIR, both of which incorporate their proprietary blends of graphene oxide, CNT and other elements to manage thermal conditions for a variety of possible conditions; including automotive, residential and personal comfort. Based on graphene’s ability to transfer heat through infrared radiation, CoolIR coatings will increase the emissivity of base material helping to move heat away, while WarmIR coatings generate heat when low electrical current is passed through the coated material due to electrical resistance.






WarmIR Cabin Heating:

WarmIR Heat Testing:



For more information on PIC and their graphene-based products:

Albert Hung

Managing Director

Pacific Industrial Consultants, LLC

(630) 364-1412

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