Study introduces templated heating of carbon with graphene for high quality graphite

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An international team of scientists led by UNIST has recently discovered a novel approach for creating synthetic graphite with well-oriented crystallites. The discovery offers an approach to realize single crystal graphite films, perhaps in combination with established techniques, such as stress recrystallization.

Most materials including graphite comprise of little and randomly situated precious stones that are interconnected to make up the mass material. In graphite, no strategy exists to make vast single-gems, and profoundly situated examples (“exceptionally arranged pyrolytic graphite”, HOPG) that are of significance in research applications have required an expensive mix of extremely high temperatures and pressures to fabricate.

The team incorporated a layer of near-perfect single-crystal graphene (grown separately and transferred) in the carbon precursor before heating. Graphite was found to form with a preferred orientation adjacent to this single crystal graphene when the polymer carbonized and then graphitized.

Benjamin V. Cunning said, “What we observe is a templating effect. When the carbon atoms of the precursor are heated, they have more energy to move around and those near to the graphene layer ‘copy’ the arrangement of the atoms in the graphene—which has a perfect hexagonal arrangement of its carbon atoms. When the temperatures increase even further a kind of “domino effect” takes place where each layer is copying the arrangement from the layer before resulting in a well-oriented graphite film.”





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