NGA Testifies Before US-China Economic and Security Review Commission on China’s Dominance in Graphene

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Following a hugely successful American Graphene Summit, a convention of the largest national and international graphene stakeholders in Washington D.C. in May, NGA’s Government Relations Partner, Alan Hill, testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on graphene and China’s pursuit of dominance in this field.  The Commission was established on October 30, 2000 by the Floyd D. Spence National Defense Authorization Act of 2001 and is chartered to monitor, investigate, and submit to congress an annual report on the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, and to provide recommendations, where appropriate, to Congress for legislative and administrative action.

The testimony provided an overview of graphene, the potential applications, and the concern of China dominating the world supply of graphite and developing graphene applications that would have both civilian and military use.  The testimony also discussed the need for the  U.S. government to adopt a grand strategy for graphene commercialization – a large-scale integrative and collaborative effort amongst industry, academia, and government to support and accelerate commercialization of graphene in the U.S. similar to what the U.K. and EU have undertaken.  

The testimony highlighted that the NGA is actively working with industry, academia, and policymakers to implement the first steps necessary to get this type of program on a proper footing.  The National Graphene Association announced the establishment of the Graphene Academic Council of the United States to assist in beginning these collaborative efforts.  This follows on NGA’s creation of a Graphene Industry Council in 2018 and standards and EHS Committees to collaborate on efforts to ensure international standards and regulatory navigation which play a crucial role in the development of new technologies such as graphene. NGA’s leadership continues to drive U.S. policy to lead and support the commercialization and continued development of graphene technologies.

“In the past 2 years, we have been actively raising the issue of China’s rapid advances in graphene to the US government and emphasizing the time sensitive nature of creating US competitiveness. This is a pivotal time for graphene development. With China’s strategic investment in graphene and lack of US momentum, if we do not take drastic measures, we will soon be dependent on a supply chain dominated by China,” says Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Executive Director of the National Graphene Association.

Dr. Ed Meek, Founder and President of the National Graphene Association, says, “The strategic importance of graphene in the economy and global race for technology leadership is elevated by important hearings on Capitol Hill.” 

About the National Graphene Association (NGA)

The National Graphene Association is the main organization and body in the U.S. advocating and promoting the commercialization of graphene. NGA is focused on addressing critical issues such as policy and standards development that will result in effective integration of graphene and graphene-based materials globally. NGA brings together current and future graphene stakeholders — entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, developers and suppliers, investors, venture capitalists, and government agencies — to drive innovation, and to promote and facilitate the commercialization of graphene products and technologies.

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