IA Coatings introduces Blackstone Coating with Graphene; Approved as Mil-Spec Coating

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HOUSTON, TEXAS, November 28, 2018 – Blackstone CoatingTM a proprietary coating lineup from IA Coatings which utilizes Graphene, has achieved MIL-SPEC and ASTM compliance. As the first known Graphene coating to meet military specifications, Blackstone PlusTM and Blackstone HDTM were tested under MIL-STD-810G Method 509.5 and ASTM B117 (Salt Fog). After 72 hours of Salt Fog exposure, independent testing showed zero signs of corrosion and/or rust penetration. Results of testing shows a promise in both the Blackstone lineup, as well as Graphene coatings, in military applications where extreme corrosion control and durability are necessary.

Created in 2015, Blackstone by IA Coatings, is a high-performance coating line that utilizes both Graphene and Teflon® which includes Blackstone DFLTM (an anti-friction, super lubricity, dry film lubricant), Blackstone PlusTM (designed for high temperature applications), and Blackstone HDTM (engineered for extreme durability).

Graphene – the single atomic layer of graphite, known as the “wonder material” – currently holds the title of: the first 2D material, thinnest and lightest material, strongest material, highest tensile, most impermeable material, highest thermal conductivity, best light absorbent, and highest lubricity of any known material. It is due to these properties that Graphene has added performance value to Blackstone.

Innovative Aspects LLC, dba IA Coatings engages in performance coating applications across many industries to include but not limited to: Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, and Defense. As the preferred applicator for Dow, Dupont, NIC, Sandstrom, Whitford, and PPG, IA Coatings assists Government Agencies, OEM’s, and retail facilities. Veteran owned and operated, IA Coatings is an ITAR Registered facility, and the innovators behind Blackstone and Graphene Coatings.

Contact: Tracey Marquart Innovative Aspects LLC
Phone: 832-666-3143
Email: Traceyjr@iacoatings.com www.iacoatings.com

Source: IA Coatings

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