Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. has Commercialized Quantum Dots Inkjet Ink for the First Time in the World

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KAWANISHI, Japan, July 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum dots are extremely small fluorescent nanoparticles which is composed of between 10 to 1000 atoms and 0.5 to 9 nanometers in diameter. They are so small that one cannot see them with a typical microscope. Despite of its size, we cannot ignore the effects resulting from this extremely small size of these nanoparticles. The electronic characteristics of quantum dots are determined by their chemical composition, size, and shape. This means that we can control the color of light given off by a quantum dot solely by changing its size. Bigger dots emit longer wavelength colors, such as red, while smaller dots emit shorter wavelengths, resulting in the expression of such colors as green or blue. This means that light may be converted into nearly any color in the spectrum ranging from the UV to the IR region. Quantum dots also possess a very narrow half width and high quantum efficiency compared to ordinary solid fluorescent pigments,

So that their applications could include

  1. Solar cells
  2. Medical devices, bio-imaging (including the imaging of cancer cells, protein analysis, cell tracking, etc.)
  3. Display
  4. Quantum computers
  5. Security inks, Anti-Counterfeiting inks.
  6. Quantum dot lasers
  7. Photonic crystals
  8. LED
  9. Thermoelectric materials
  10. Artificial photosynthesis

This time, Dr. Ryohei Mori has created quantum dot inkjet ink. There are some universities, research institute who is trying to develop quantum dot inkjet ink although as commercial business base, it is the first time in the world. Prepared graphene quantum dot inkjet ink can be printed on various types of substrates including normal paper and films. It is invisible under normal room light although it becomes visible and emission spectra peak will be different depending on the different wavelength of illuminated light so that they can be good anti-counterfeiting inkjet ink because normal fluorescent dye based anti-counterfeiting ink emits only certain spectrum with same peaks no matter what wavelength of light is illuminated. Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd as the group company of Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. has long time technological experience with pigment based inkjet ink so that they could combine quantum dot and inkjet ink technology together to create commercial based graphene quantum dot inkjet ink for the first time in the world.

This will accelerate the development of various type of quantum dots application.  However, for example, one would need quantum dot inkjet ink with narrow half width for the application such as for quantum dot display. Therefore, improvement is necessary since graphene quantum dot half width is wide. Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. also has other type of quantum dots such as ZnS, InP/ZnS, CdS, CuInS2(CIS), CuInSe2, CuInS2/ZnS, PbS, and AgInS2 etc… This company has also synthesized silicon quantum dots, as well as carbon quantum dots and perovskite quantum dot. They will next attempt to create quantum dot inkjet ink with different kinds of these quantum dots.


Ryohei Mori


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