Graphene Technology To Be Showcased In Silicon Valley At The “GSMA Mobile World Congress Americans, In Partnership with CTIA”

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September 12th, 2017


National Graphene Association Demonstrating Potential of Graphene to the Connected World at the Graphene Pavilion


SAN FRANCISCO, California – As part of the first-ever Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) event September 12-14 in San Francisco, the National Graphene Association will help organize a special showcase of products and research from around the globe to demonstrate the potential of graphene to mobile-industry innovators who will drive the future of connectivity in America and abroad.

National Graphene Association Executive Director Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Ph.D., is leading the coordination of the MWCA’s Graphene Pavilion alongside ICFO, featuring nine exhibitors from Europe and the United States who will highlight both the existing applications of graphene in mobile electronics manufacturing and the research and development currently underway.

“Companies will be demonstrating the ways in which graphene can bring innovation into the mobile industry, in an intelligent and environmentally sustainable way,” said Jarrahi Cinker, Ph.D., National Graphene Association Executive Director. “Institutions from Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States and other countries are now researching and producing components such as flexible RFID and Wi-Fi antennas, graphene ink to replace toxic or scarce precious metals such as silver, along with circuit boards, conductive filaments for 3-D printing, and even flexible, transparent biosensors that could be built into mobile devices or smart wearables.”

Graphene is a two-dimensional layer of carbon that conducts electricity better than copper; it is the thinnest material on the planet but can be 200 times stronger than steel, while also highly flexible and transparent to the human eye. On the heels of the MCWA event, innovators will gather in Nashville, Tenn. from October 29-31 to share ideas and challenges related to the emerging technology for the first-ever Graphene Innovation Summit & Expo, hosted by the National Graphene Association.

Jarrahi Cinker says that graphene will eventually find its way into almost every field and will affect many facets of human life, including energy storage, electronics, smart textiles, sensors, medical devices, bio interfaces, water purification, composites and many more.

Graphene could bring advanced coatings that don’t corrode, mobile device screens that become flexible and shatterproof, or lithium ion batteries with greater longevity, she said.

For more information on the Mobile World Congress Americas, visit To learn more about the National Graphene Association or the October Graphene Innovation Summit & Expo, go to

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