Graphene Provides Clean Water to Remote School in Nepal

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Technology utilizing graphene provides clean water to remote school in Nepal.

STANDARD GRAPHENE Inc, a high-end flake graphene producer headquartered in South Korea, celebrated the establishment of a water filtration plant at Lumbini, Nepal, well-known as the birthplace of the Buddha, on June 18th (local time) at the 10th School of the Um Hong-Gil Human Foundation (Shree Sundi School). The establishment was funded by the Um Hong-Gil Human Foundation.
The ceremony was attended by JoungHoon Lee (CEO of STANDARD GRAPHENE) and Executive Director Um Hong-Gil (Um Hong-Gil Human Foundation), as well as global leaders of graphene technology research, Sang-Ouk Kim (KAIST) and Mun-Seok Jeong (SeongKyunKwan University). The ceremony was also honored with the founder of the FutureTalks Foundation, Silje Marie Vallestad (Norway), and select students from Minerva Schools at KGI. About 700 students and teachers of the Shree Sundi School attended the ceremony.
The water filtration plant used a next-generation material called Super Graphite that has been developed from graphene manufacture technologies. The plant cleans the water through four filtration cycles, processing more than 1,000L of drinkable water per day. After multiple international tests, Super Graphite has been recognized to have a superior attraction to toxic materials and better filtration rates than conventional materials used for water filtration. Read full article here.


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