Graphene on Capitol Hill: Dr. Zina Cinker continues the conversation

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Washington, DC — Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker is back in Washington, DC today attending significant meetings regarding the future of graphene in the United States. As Executive Director of the National Graphene Association, Dr. Cinker spearheaded the recent American Graphene Summit, “Graphene on Capitol Hill,” held two months ago. The high-level summit brought together leaders of United States industry, government agencies and key international figures in graphene. Today, Dr. Cinker continues the conversation shaping the global architecture surrounding graphene technologies and its impact on the US and global economies.

During the Summit, Dr. Cinker conducted a Fireside Chat with  Dr. James Tour of Rice University in the Kennedy Caucus Room at the Russell Senate Building. Dr. Tour emphasized the “importance of making sure that we see that this (graphene) is developed as a nation.” Dr. Tour stated the need for government to “let the innovation take place.”

Senator Roger Wicker and his office facilitated the Summit, where the National Graphene Association strengthened international ties, discussed platforms for creating US competitiveness in graphene and enhanced graphene-focused collaborations between business and government on a national and international scale.

More details will follow today’s continuation of the conversation on Capitol Hill focusing on the importance of graphene and graphene-related industry here in the United States.


About the National Graphene Association (NGA)

The National Graphene Association is the main organization and body in the U.S. advocating and promoting the commercialization of graphene. NGA is focused on addressing critical issues such as policy and standards development that will result in effective integration of graphene and graphene-based materials globally. NGA brings together current and future graphene stakeholders — entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, developers and suppliers, investors, venture capitalists, and government agencies — to drive innovation, and to promote and facilitate the commercialization of graphene products and technologies.


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