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NGA Industry Council partner AGM develops composite applications for space exploration with Infinite Composites Technologies.

Applied Graphene Materials and Infinite Composites Technologies, a designer, developer and manufacturer of composite pressure vessels, have together developed a composite material technology suitable for specific space applications.

Infinite Composites has successfully incorporated AGM’s graphene technology into two resin systems for cryogenic pressure vessels being considered for use in multiple NASA spaceflight missions, including materials on the International Space Station Experiments (MISSE), Artemis, and Lunar Gateway. This achievement follows extensive product development and a rigorous testing programme as part of a long-standing relationship between AGM and Infinite Composites. Subject of a recent prestigious SBIR NASA award, the Infinite Composites team is focused on the continuing development of their cryogenic pressure vessel systems for space applications.

The addition of AGM’s graphene technology has helped enabled the tanks to complete their first liquid oxygen loading test at -300ºF pressurized to 600 psi. Analysis of the composite structure using Scanning Electron Microscope techniques indicated that the addition of the graphene technology eliminated nearly all microfractures in resin samples after exposure to the extreme cryogenic environment versus the control samples.
These results once again demonstrate the ability of AGM’s technology to effectively manage fracture toughness and robustness of composite structures for long-term durability.

Matt Villarreal, Founder and CEO of Infinite Composites, commented:
“We are fortunate to have a great company like AGM as a part of the Infinite Composites supply chain for innovative graphene materials. The customized dispersed graphene materials that are integrated into our 2 resin systems enable ease of use and in turn ensure quality, repeatable structures to be built, where performance is critical to the market we operate in.” Read full article here.

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