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A lightweight, heated graphene-infused bamboo jacket regulates your temperature during the three chilly seasons.

Picture this: It’s a cold December morning and you’re layering up like the Michelin Man before making the chilly trek to work. You freeze getting to your car. You blast the heat and shiver until it suddenly gets way too hot, so you start playing the dangerous game of stripping layers while driving. We’ve all been there. And this back and forth game continues all day.

But what if you had one jacket that could adapt to these ever-changing environments without weighing you down?

We designed the Ember to be a lightweight, three-season mid-layer that heats you up instantly and keeps you comfortable from the office to the wild.

We’ve challenged the status quo and created the first heated jacket that pumps out up to 60 watts of heat in a matter of seconds. While most heated jackets rely on antiquated USB-A technology from the ‘90s, we developed an entirely new USB-C PD-equipped battery that’s designed specifically for heating—not just charging. This translates to instant heat you can actually feel. To insulate, we used graphene and bamboo-infused synthetic insulation. The bamboo fibers naturally draw sweat away and its antimicrobial properties repel odors to keep it stink-free. The graphene is a natural thermal conductor, meaning the heat isn’t centralized in one location, but absorbed and conducted throughout. And yes, it’s totally washable. Read full article here.

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