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Just got back from Shanghai. Many thanks to Johan Liu, for inviting me to the 2nd Sino-Swedish Graphene Innovation High Tech Forum.

It was a great meeting focused on the topic of thermal management which is actually one of the areas I see graphene adding quite bit of value especially in electronics & semicon industry. We saw an intriguing presentation from Lenova but unfortunately it was in Chinese and made me wonder once again why I am not learning Mandarin. ( The graphics seemed quite compelling though)

During the visit of the Supercarbon Gaphene Center, we discussed the business model of graphene industry parks in China funded by either the central government or by private investors. China’s rapid pace in graphene commercialization is quite astounding and government support is plentiful in the form of  multi year tax exempt status, reduced or waived rent on the land  on which these industry parks are built, infrastructure etc.

That being said, with the massive incentives and funding available, many companies with little potential get put on life support and live much longer than they should. That is perhaps a problem we see  more clearly in China ….MANY MANY graphene contenders, companies, startups but difficult to weed out the ones with true potential from the ones artificially sustained by constant infusion of cash. The bubble will most likely burst at some point.

China is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with in Graphene. It is important for us to gain full understanding of the Chinese graphene landscape. Furthermore, as I often say.. Graphene is a Global Material, its full potential is not going to be realized without closeknit international collaborations and partnerships.

I very much look forward to my next trip to China.



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