Graphene 3D Lab Announces an Addition to G6-EpoxyTM Product Line

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Ronkonkoma, NY – Graphene 3D Lab Inc. is pleased to announce further expansion of the Company’s product line of advanced graphene-enhanced conductive adhesives under the brand of G6-EpoxyTM. All G6-EPOXY™ products are manufactured and packaged in Company’s new facility located on Long Island, the State of New York.

The new products include conductive adhesives for applications that require curing at room temperature. While curing, these epoxies do not need a heating oven. Hence, they provide the capability of bonding temperature sensitive components at room temperature.
The Company has also added new adhesives that combine electrical conductivity as well as flexibility and are optimized for applications requiring a soft or flexible bond. Further, several grades of the HIGH-TEMPERATURE adhesives that offer service temperatures up to 316°C/600F become available now.

The Company encourages all the customers to visit a recently updated G6-EPOXY websiteto explore a full selection of materials. The Company invites end users of its adhesives to submit their specific requirements, as custom G6-EPOXY™ formulations are available.

Dr. Elena Polyakova, Founder & CEO of Graphene 3D Lab, is an Advisory Board Member to NGA

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