Global Graphene Expo contributor Directa Plus is changing everything by bringing graphene commercialization to life

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Graphene commercialization has been the focus for several graphene enthusiasts. Thanks to Global Graphene Expo contributor, Directa Plus, a future with graphene-based products and applications is closer than expected.

Established in 2005, Directa Plus has a patented technology process and a portfolio packed with product and application patents. They produce their graphene-based products at their own factory in Lomazzo, Italy, with a scalable and exportable manufacturing model enabling the set-up of additional production at customer locations to reduce transportation costs, waste and time-to-utilization. Directa Plus partners with customers to offer them the high-performance benefits of graphene in their own products.

G+: This Changes Everything

Disrupt every application industry with revolutionary solutions compared to the ones currently available and in a completely sustainable way”

Directa Plus is one of the largest producers and suppliers of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets worldwide. By incorporating Directa Plus’ unique graphene blends, identified by the G+ brand, their customers can revolutionize the performances of their end products without significantly increasing their cost.

G+ products are natural, chemical-free and tailored to specific customer requirements for commercial applications such as textiles, tires, composite materials and environmental solutions.




By opening the world to the new frontiers of Graphene’s applications, G+ finally enables people to expect the unexpected.

WATER TREATMENT: unexpected adsorption capacity for oil spill clean-up activities, water treatment and remediation from hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants

TEXTILE: Thermally adaptive clothes to let the wearers focus on the performance

RETREAD TIRES: G+ is used to reduce the rolling resistance and increase tread durability, therefore strongly impacting the mileage.

GOLF BALLS: Directa Plus has already developed and filed a patent covering the formulation for a golf ball enhanced with G+, with benefits for players (better swing and control) and for producers.

COMPOSITE MATERIALS: G+ is used as a special additive to enhance mechanical properties, reduce weight, flexibility and thermal dissipation depending on the application, from eyewear to asphalts, from carbon fiber to polymeric films

For more information on Directa Plus and their G+ products:

Directa Plus Media Contact:

Tiziana Sarto
Marketing and Sales Office Manager
mobile +39 392 4578931

Michela Fumagalli

PR Manager

mobile +39 339 3713053

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