University of Nebraska received $4.5 mil DOD graphene research grant

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DOD graphene research grant to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln was recently announced.

Graphene is a groundbreaking material in the nanotechnology field, but it has characteristics that limit its potential applications. A Nebraska-based research team is investigating ways to incorporate DNA nanotechnology as a construction tool to assemble graphene in new ways that could make the material more useful in electronic devices, among other applications.

A three-year, $4.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Naval Research will fund the interdisciplinary, multi-institution research project led by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The team’s work lays the groundwork for a potential five-year project that could be eligible for additional funding. The work will “bring together two very exciting and different fields of nanotechnology,” said Alexander Sinitskii, associate professor of chemistry and leader of the research team.

Those fields are graphene nanoribbons and DNA nanotechnology.

The single-atomic-layer graphene is the thinnest and strongest form of carbon. Its two-dimensional structure is made of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern. Graphene is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, almost completely transparent but also so dense nothing can pass through it. Since its discovery earlier this century, graphene has been the subject of great interest from the physics, chemistry and materials-science fields.

Its properties have paved the way to applications in transparent conductive films, electronic and opto-electronic devices, actuators, sensors, composites and more. Read full article here.

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