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​By: Kari Hjelt (Head of Innovation, Graphene Flagship)

Remember the computer triode? Unless you’re an early-tech enthusiast, it’s unlikely. Used as switches in the first electronic computers, these vacuum tubes consumed a great deal of power. They were unreliable and upon the invention of silicon chips, were quickly replaced. A new material has the potential to shift entire industries. 

Graphene, a material that is just a one atom thick, has exceptional physical properties. The European Commission launched the Graphene Flagship in 2013 to facilitate the transition of graphene and related materials from academic laboratories to applications. With a budget of €1 billion and initial period of ten years, the Graphene Flagship is one of Europe’s biggest research initiative, aiming not only to continue developing graphene in academic laboratories, but also spearheads efforts for the commercialisation of graphene, preparing for its widespread adoption in industry. [Read more…]

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