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Had a long chat with Bernhard Münzing yesterday on “Things no one likes to talk about ….. but eventually will have to”

And that is….. Graphene…regulations…toxicology studies and registrations required for graphene producers to sell graphene materials in bulk in regions such as Europe, Korea, China.

Many graphene producers regards this issue as ” to be addressed later”… and that is a very dangerous approach. The time is now …. and there is already a group momentum and planned activities in place. The more graphene stakeholders get involved in this ongoing process, the faster and more effective the results will be.

We both understated that this is not a “fun” topic people like to sit around and chat about …it requires a great deal of education and also streamlining the process the information is distributed among stakeholders.

At the NGA board meeting last month, it was decided that we will have a dedicated task force on Health and Safety issues.

Jo Anne Shatkin, Bernhard and I will be discussing this in more details to potentially implement a platform through NGA that will address this issue.

I will have more to share soon

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You can read Bernhard’s interview with Zoe Peterkin, with AZoNano, here.

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