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Very productive week in Austin.

With support from the governor’s office and invaluable help from Texas Workforce Commission, we will make Global Graphene Expo  the centerpoint for graphene innovation in the US.  Texas has a great concentration of semiconductor, oil & gas, energy and advanced manufacturing industries. Many of my target meetings revolve around getting these industries involved in assessment of graphene.

Had a quick chat with State senator Royce West in the hallways about graphene and he started looking it up as we spoke. It sure got his attention… Spreading the word about graphene one member at a time.

Met with Robert Allen, the President of Texas Economic Development Corporation, Go Big In Texas (Certainly applies to the number of awards TEDC has won over the years!) discussed graphene and its impact on native Texas industries.  One of the questions I am asked often in these meetings is: “what material is graphene going to replace?” Is it steel, is it silicon? Is it silver? Just to put it out there…it certainly is NOT silicon. 

Coffee with Michael Swisher from SmartStripe which is a Lighted  HyperData Platform that is built to replace existing road strips. Quite interesting innovation, Smartstripe is looking into graphene for the next step in the development. Michael will be showcasing smartstripe at the Global Graphene Expo in Oct. 

It was great to see Deji Akinwande at his office in the EER building at The University of Texas at Austin. (One of the most architecturally  impressive academic building I have seen! ) We discussed where UT Austin and other Texas institutions stand regarding graphene research, number of patents and spin off companies.

I am quite excited about hosting the Global Graphene Expo in Austin this October. After this trip I am assured that this was the right move. The innovative and fast paced energy oft he city is a good match for graphene.

Many thanks to Larry Temple and Aaron Demerson for opening strategic doors for us and making us feel so welcome in Austin. It is not everyday that you get a personal tour of the Texas State Capitol!



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