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Great visit to the University of Mississippi and its Center for Manufacturing Excellence. Spent the day with new NGA corporate partner, Curadite, Inc. from California, along with some NanoTek folks. We all had a blast in Oxford with unrivaled Southern hospitality and lots of wonderful Southern food!

Most conversations revolved around incorporating graphene in Curadite design…challenges, next steps, potential partners.

Curadite is focused on disposable, sensor-enabled drug packaging to manage the opioid crisis in the US.

“The Curadite platform transforms the simple plastic pill bottle into a cellular enabled blister pack that tracks patient engagement in real-time. Compliance is supported with personalized text/call reminders using 4G cellular technology. ”

We discussed the integration of graphene, 2D printing and nanosilver to elevate the design, bring substantial advantages and also reduce the cost.

A good point brought up by CEO Dennis McNanny was that when we are prescribed opioids for a certain medical condition for a short amount of time it is considered a medication; after that period has elapsed, however, the same medication is then classified as a “drug.” Many addictions start with teens stealing pills from a family member.

The Curadite cloud-based design allows for warnings to be sent to the person after a blister pack is opened, so every pill is accounted for. Graphene can enable more secure and more sensitive packaging options, and I personally look forward to the outcome of this collaboration!

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