Entrepreneur & Professional Membership

Entrepreneur & Professional ($150)

Suited for entrepreneurs and individuals employed by a professional business entity who are involved in or have an interest to be involved in graphene ventures and graphene product development.


• 15% discount for registration at all NGA events
• Priority registration to ensure a seat at key sessions at NGA events
• Access NGA Graphene Industry Directory
• Newsletter
• 5-minute sales pitch at an NGA Graphene Product Showcase (if you have a graphene product that you would want to showcase to potential users)
• 5-minute pitch at an NGA Graphene Product Idea Showcase (if you have an already existing product that you think could benefit from graphene but need graphene companies/professionals to hear your pitch to help you figure out how to do it).
• 8-minute pitch at an NGA Private Investor Session (if you are seeking investors for your product or idea)
• 30-minute consultation with a graphene expert (On your specific project)
• Access to NGA Technology-Matching services upon request