Why join the National Graphene Association?

National Graphene Association members are provided the opportunity to be involved with a strategic network and community that joins and connects the key influencers in the graphene field. NGA focuses on bringing value through rapid and effective commercialization and welcomes entrepreneurs, investors and companies seeking to implement graphene in their processes and products. NGA members benefit from a wide range of services specifically designed to provide the support, infrastructure and networking needed for the successful development of graphene and graphene-based products. See the About Us page for more detailed information about our organization.

Membership Categories

National Graphene Association offers memberships to suit the broad range of individuals and businesses that are involved in or have an interest/potential in being involved in the graphene industry. The membership categories are designed for all graphene stakeholders, entrepreneurs, graphene producers, manufacturers, application developers and academics who aspire to commercialize their graphene patents and research, and government agencies seeking innovative solutions. NGA also caters to investors and venture capitalists who are interested in exploring the promising world of graphene, corporations with an interest in adopting graphene based materials in their processes and any other individual with an interest in graphene commercialization in the United States and globally.

Corporate Partnership
Platinum: $25,000 / year
Gold: $10,000 / year
Sponsor: $2,500 / year
Designed for business entities involved in or planning to be involved in the production, development, utilization, technical services and commercialization of graphene materials or graphene based products. This tier can accommodate divisions of larger corporations. The corporate membership enables membership for up to 20 members.
Entrepreneur &
$150 / year
Suited for entrepreneurs and individuals employed by a professional business entity involved or have an interest to be involved in graphene ventures and graphene product development.
$350 / year
Designed for private investors, angel investors and VC’s who are interested in exploring unique and viable opportunities to invest in the graphene space.
$120 / year
Designed for individuals engaged in scientific research of graphene and graphene based materials and products.
$170 / year
This category is suited for individuals affiliated with government agencies and regulatory bodies who have a vested interest in graphene advances.

Membership benefits

  • Access to NGA’s prime networking platform to cost effectively collaborate and form strategic partnerships across the entire value chain of the graphene industry.
  • Access to restricted market and industry status information and personal opinion pieces by the influencers in the graphene field to give members a competitive edge.
  • Access to a premier network of graphene experts who could enable companies and individuals to get practical answers and technical solutions for their targeted graphene processes and product development.
  • Access to a range of consultation services offered by National Graphene Association experts and tailored to meet the needs of the members. These consultation services are designed to help members prepare, plan and invest effectively in the graphene field.
  • Members can request project-specific collaboration and partnership recommendations and facilitation through National Graphene Association member services.
  • The chance to be a part of and have access to crucial decision makers and influencers who are actively working and shaping policies and regulations within the government agencies and regulatory bodies affecting the development of graphene in the United States.
  • Opportunity to serve as a committee member to steer and drive the industry.
  • Opportunity for corporations and companies to raise visibility in the graphene industry.
  • Invitations to exclusive National Graphene Association roundtable and stakeholder meetings.
  • Special rate for annual and quarterly NGA conferences, events and expo.
  • Access to educational workshops and seminars tailor-made based on specific expressed needs of members.
  • Access to our infographs and newsletters, comprehensively covering advances, news and opportunities in the field of graphene.