GAC Members Only Session
GAC Speakers


Graphene Research & Academic Day

General Session
Exploring the Most Recent Research and Findings in World of Graphene
9:00-9:50GAC Member Session (Invitation only): Department of Defense Graphene Report Meeting (Natchez Room)

General Session
Exploring the Most Recent Research and Findings in World of Graphene
8:45Registration Opens - Badge pick up
10:00-10:10Conference Inauguration: Governor Phil Bryant
10:10-10:30Opening Remarks: Zina Jarrahi Cinker (National Graphene Association)
10:30-11:00Keynote: Sean Hearne (Oak Ridge National Laboratory): "Understanding and Exploiting Graphene: The Role of Oak Ridge National Laboratory"
11:00-11:30Keynote: Larry Drzal (Michigan State): "Making Polymer Composites Multifunctional with Graphene Nanoplatelets"
11:30-11:50Joshua Robinson (Pennsylvania State University): "Graphene in Quantum Information Science: The Next Technological Revolution"
11:50-12:10Jiaxung Huang (Northwestern University): "Graphene-based Oil Additives for Tribological and Corrosion Control Applications"
12:10-12:30Piran Kidambi (Vanderbilt University): “Nanoporous Graphene Membranes for Molecular Separations”
12:30-2:00Lunch Break - Sponsored by Adams & Reese LLP
2:00-2:15Adelee Traylor (Butler Snow Law Firm): “Graphene Intellectual Property Landscape”
2:15-2:30Stephen Creager (Clemson University): "Rapid Proton Transmission Occurs Through Single-layer CVD Graphene in Proton-exchange-membrane (PEM) devices"
2:20-2:45Elena Polyakova (Graphene 3D Lab): "Critical Overview Of Performance Of 2D Materials and Composites"
2:45-3:00Carol Hirschmugl (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee): "An Introduction to Graphene Monoxide"
3:00-3:45Coffee Break
3:45-4:00Shideh Kabiri Ameri (Queens University): "Graphene Based Wearable Sensors"
4:00-4:15Ani Sumant (Argonne National Laboratory): “Eliminating Friction and Wear Utilizing Graphene and 2D materials as a Solid Lubricant”
4:15-4:30Matt Hartline (University of Southern Mississippi): “Pilot-Scale Processing of Graphene Nanoplatelet Modified Composite Matrix Polymers”
4:30-4:45Paresh Ray (Jackson State University): "Designing Graphene-Based Nanoarchitectures for Combatting Drug-Resistance Superbugs"
5:30-7:00Conference Dinner - Sponsored by University of Mississippi


Graphene for Mississippi Day

Exploring the Potential of Graphene for Industrial Use and Economic Development of the Southeast Region
8:30Registration opens – Badge Pick up
9:00-10:00"Learn About Graphene Breakfast" with Steve Rodgers (Natchez Room)
Come Grab a Bite and Learn What Graphene Is, Its Potential and How it Can Impact Your Industry.
10:00-10:15Welcome Video from Senator Roger Wicker
10:15-10:30Opening Remarks: Ed Meek (National Graphene Association)
10:30-11:00Keynote: James Tour (Rice University): "Flash Graphene"
11:00-11:40"Graphene for Mississippi Panel": Glenn McCullough (Mississippi Development Authority), Josh Gladden (University of Mississippi), Zina Jarrahi Cinker (National Graphene Association)
The discussions will focus on the potential of graphene as one of the most versatile and promising materials of the 21st century to boost the economy of Mississippi and to help establish the region so it can serve as a ‘graphene hub'.
11:30-12:00"National Defense & Resilience Panel": Christopher Griggs (US Army ERDC), Robert Moser (US Army ERDC), John Newman (US Army ERDC)
Chair: Monica Tisack (Director, Mississippi Polymer Institute)
12:00-12:40"Mississippi University Panel": Sasan Nouranian (University of Mississippi), Santanu Kundu (Mississippi State University), Jeffrey Wiggins (University of Southern Mississippi), Wilbur Walters (Jackson State University)
Chair: Allyson Best (Director of Technology Commercialization, University of Mississippi)
12:40-1:30Graphene Composites Design Compeition (Sponsored by TLC Products Inc.)
Chair: Charles Chang (CEO, TLC Products Inc.)
Judges: Tony Jeff (CEO, Innovate Mississippi), Elena Polyakova (Founder, Graphene 3D Lab), Tom Nosker (Research Professor, Rutgers University), Gerard Gibert (Entrepreneur & Technologist)
1:30-2:30Lunch Break - Sponsored by Mississippi Development Authority (MDA)
2:30-2:45Graphene Competition Winners Announcment
"GRAPHENE FOR INDUSTRIES SESSION 1": Infrastructure, Defense & Aerospace Chaired by Ahmed Al-Ostaz
2:45-3:00Ahmed Al-Ostaz (University of Mississippi)
3:00-3:10Jesse Doyle (US Army ERDC): "Graphene Nanoplatelet Modification of Asphalt Binder"
3:10-3:20Brooke Petery (US Army ERDC): "Physical and Oxidative Antimicrobial Properties of Chitosan-Graphene Oxide Composites"
3:20-3:30Jennifer Jefcoat (US Army ERDC): "Nanocarbon containing polycaprolactam nanocomposites: improvements in mechanical performance in the context of unique interfacial interactions"
3:30-4:10Panel discussion with Patrick Nation (Ergon Asphalts & Emulstions)
"GRAPHENE FOR INDUSTRIES SESSION 2": Polymers & Composites Chaired by John McKay (MMA)
4:10-4:20Brian Jordon (University of Alabama): “Improving Strength and Toughness of an Automotive Hood Through Graphene Reinforcement”
4:20-4:30Tom Nosker (CTO, TLC Products Inc.): "Leading Edge Polymer-Graphene Composites"
4:30-5:00Panel discussion
5:00Conference adjourns