Graphene Innovation & Research Conference

The two-day conference will bring together leaders from academia, industry and government to focus on recent advances in graphene innovation and research, bridging the gap between lab and industry and enabling graphene-focused technologies that will have a significant regional and national economic impact.

During the first day of the conference, leading scientists and scholars will share and discuss the most recent research, innovation and trends in the field of graphene. With multiple plenary sessions and tracks, the conference aims to serve as a platform to build a robust graphene research network between the Graphene Academic Council members and potential future university partners. The multidisciplinary academic network will identify best practices for establishing an ecosystem capable of advancing graphene research findings to the market place.

The second day will address economic development and industrial impact enabled by graphene. With the inaugural year of the Graphene Innovation & Research Conference focusing on the southeast region and held in MS, the following years, GIRC will take place in different regions of the country in order to advance graphene development and partnerships throughout the nation.

During the event, leaders from the government, universities, national labs, and industries will convene to discuss strategies through which graphene can be leveraged to elevate already existing industries, create new high paying jobs, attract new companies and businesses and nurture and support spin off companies from the graphene academic and university network.

Highlighted SPEAKERS

Dr. James Tour

Dr. James Tour

Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering

Rice University

Dr. Lawrence Drzal

Dr. Lawrence Drzal

Distinguished Professor Chemical Engineering,
Co-founder of XG Sciences

Michigan State University

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ostaz

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ostaz

Professor of Civil Engineering, Director of Center for Graphene Research and Innovation

University of Mississippi


Dr. Joshua Robinson

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Penn State University

Sponsors & Partners

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