The high-level summit hosted by the NGA, keynoted by Senator Roger Wicker, to bring together leaders of U.S. industry and government agencies and key international figures in graphene to engage in a dialogue on shaping the global architecture surrounding graphene technologies and its impact on the US and global economy.

The two events will focus on exploring the transformative change graphene can bring to many industrial segments and providing a framework for accelerated evaluation and adoption of graphene by these industries.


Event 1: Graphene Leaders

May 21 

W Hotel, Washington DC

Graphene Leaders event convenes current and future graphene stakeholders, and leaders, U.S. industry and government agencies to explore the potential of graphene in different industrial segments and product markets. The program will feature talks by graphene visionaries, showcases by executives of the largest graphene companies and multi-stakeholder panels focused on the unique and innovative graphene enabled solutions for various industries: Automotive, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Telecommunication, and more.

Event 2: Graphene on Capitol Hill

May 22 | 10 AM-3 PM

Kennedy Caucus Room, Russell Senate Building

“Graphene On Capitol Hill” with Senator Roger Wicker is an invitation-only event where key government agencies such as the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, NASA, Economic Development Administration and industry leaders invited by Senator Wicker will join he and other U.S. legislators and international dignitaries to discuss the impact of graphene on the U.S. and global economy and strengthening international ties.   The program will discuss platforms for creating U.S. competitiveness in graphene and invigorating graphene-focused collaborations between business and government on a national and international scale.